Thursday, 12 April 2012

how to lose weight with smoothies

How to lose weight quickly and easily with smoothies.

how to lose weight with smoothies

why are smoothies so good for losing weight?

Smoothies are good for weight loss because they are low in fat.

smithies also fill you up so you feel less hungry.

Also they give you a lot of energy and good energy, so that stress will be less of a problems
this is good because stress can be a trigger of over eating.

What will you need to make smithies

to make a smoothie you only need a few piece of equipment and ingredients.

You will of course need a smoothie maker that can easily be got form Amazon.

You will also need a chopping bored, knives and spoons for the preparation of the smoothie ingredients,

and you will also need a glass for the smoothie to drink it out of.

what is a simple weight loss smoothie recipe

get together the following ingredients

2 table spoons of cacao powder

3 cacao beans

table spoon of bee pollen

handful of spinach

2 bananas

5 spoons of mixed berries

then fill smoothie maker with 2 pints of water

then add in all of the above ingredients into the smoothie maker.

Then put the lid on the smoothie maker

then mix up the ingredients for 30 seconds, allow to settle down for about 15 secedes then mix again.

depending on how powerful your smoothie maker is keep mixing and lettings settle until the misters is well is together so there are no large lumps of ingredients in the mixture.

Then pore out the finished mixture into a class and enjoy.

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